Teal Quilted Patchwork Pattern Gnome with Swarovski Crystals

New handmade holiday gnome in a teal quilt pattern. Stands a little over 12 inches tall. He is part of the Designer Gnomes Collection that features the Wensleydale beards. This gnome also has the Swarovski crystals on his hat. There are three in this teal quilted series. One has the hat that has a hat that is pointed to the side. The other two have hats that are pointed straight. This series features the Wensleydale beards.

The patchwork gnomes were made with great care. First they started as jelly rolls and were made using the braid pattern sewing all the parts together to make a quilted look and then the bodies and hats were cut and sewn.

Because the bottoms are filled with poly pellets for the base and poly fill on the top, this gives your new gnome it’s sturdy standing position the benefit is these gnomes are strong, cozy, and huggable!

  • Fancy Patchwork Body and Hat
  • Swarovski Crystals on hat
  • Wensleydale beards
  • Diamond Buckle Bow on hat
  • Arms

The beards are used of imported Chilton Wensleydales curls. These are imported from the UK. These types of curls are used in designer scarves and as doll hair for many designer dolls.

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