Holiday Luxe Gnome in Silver to Black Sequins Fabric

Brand new handmade luxe style holiday gnome. Stands about 12 inches tall in silver to black sequins fabric. He has cute arms and the diamond buckle bow on his hat. This is part of the Designer Gnome collection that features the beards are made of imported Chilton Wensleydales curls. These are imported from the UK. These types of curls are used in scarves and as doll hair for many dolls.

Gnomes are handmade and will have slight variations. If you would like a particular nose style please say so in the comments section of the order.


  • Designer collection
  • Silver to black sequin style
  • Luxe style
  • Wensleydales curls beard
  • Diamond bow buckle on hat

Silver and black are elegant design colors! The sequin makes these a great choice to spruce up any room. Just glide hand up to change from silver to black. This is more of a designer posh feel that gives a lux look to any room especially for the holidays! This is great also to add to a living space area such as next to your pillows or throws. Giving the place a warm yet sophisticated feel. Posh yet friendly and inviting!

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