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Digital marketing for your company on your instagram. This is not an item that can be shipped or downloaded. This item will be emailed or sent to your phone for approval. It is designed to your own brand specifications. Some reels will be reposted from other accounts and redone on your Instagram which are a smaller fee than if doing from scratch. Credit can be given to original content creator.

Original reels will be made for you. You can send me videos or I can make videos.

Hourly fee for digital media design is $50-100 per hour.

I charge $13 per repost reel if you buy a weekly or monthly pack.  Shorter reels have much higher engagement and numbers.

  1. Source video from other accounts to fit your brand.
  2. Grab the content and refinish.
  3. Find the right kind of wording or music for your reel.
  4. Add any additional wording.
  5. Add content or wording below the video.

Reels original making can take about an hour not including writing the wording and posting. Sometimes longer. I charge $22 per reel if you buy in weekly or monthly pack.

Original reels include

  1. Create concept for your brand.
  2. Create video.
  3. Write the wording.
  4. Post reel.
Benefits of reels posting daily
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Build brand followers by engaging daily with non followers
  • Help send out messages to your audience
  • Acknowledge and appreciate them

 (Repost and original are less than 15 seconds. If longer or more lengthy and with more wording the price may be adjusted.)

*Prices are introductory specials to boost my clientele. They may go up in a year.

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