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Making a digital brochure of your products or services and being able to send it to someone via text, email, or share through a QR code is an amazing advantage that other companies do not have! Each brochure is like a mini website that gives your clients or customers an "at a glance" feel of your company or its current sales/events.

You can also use these brochures like weekly or monthly newsletters to highlight your sales, give-a-ways, lives, or other events. Give your company the edge with the latest in text marketing with a digital brochure!

  • Includes a cover or ending video or photo.
  • Includes 3 - 4 items or services. Can be pictures or video.
  • Includes a buy now button all products. 
  • Buy now buttons link directly to your shopify or an external link.
  • Includes the addition of any youtube videos you would like to highlight.
  • Can include a typeform if you already have one. I can do one for you (not included in the fee). 
  • Is 3-4 pages.

Not included but can be added is a typeform. A typeform can be a lead capture, questionnaire, chatbot, or other form or game to lead capture information or survey a target audience. 

The benefits of having a digital brochure and brochure marketing are:

  • Being able to text or email market your store or company information to people in a nicely formatted way.
  • Being able to share the benefits of your products and services to people's fingertips.
  • Removing any buy now hesitation on product or service purchases.
  • Bringing in new clients and customers.
  • Growing your email, phone, or address list.

See you tube video here

If you are ready to share your products and/or services with the world on a new level please consider making a purchase of this digital brochure design. Order now to get started. 

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