December 01, 2015

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Opening Soon!

Yay, this website will be opening very soon.  In January of 2016!  Finally all the hard work of getting everything in order and feeling accomplished is something great to 

Glad to have a strong line of our picnic baskets and other kitchen gadgets to show first.  They are great and I hope only to add to the collection as the year progresses.  Can not wait to see which products become favorites.  

The hostess collection will be out soon.  Can't wait to show the new product line and try it out myself with my first cooking show of the year!  To be out soon!  Please catch up with me on the social settings or on the you tube channel.  I will try to have a video out every week or other week giving cooking tips and other hosting tips.  

Thank you and Hope everyone has a wonderful and Happy New Year!


Modern Hostess

Leticia Arriaga
Leticia Arriaga